Evaluating Forex Trading Method

What is a good trading method or is this method or that method worth buying? What makes up a good trading method anyway? Evaluating a Forex trading method takes experience and in this article I will show you what makes a good one and point out why most are bad. Then you will be able to learn how to get good at evaluating Forex trading methods for yourself.

Most of the trading methods on the market share some of the same characteristics and shortcomings. First they seem to be just incomplete they spend way too much time in theory and not enough on the step by step tasks to do in order to make trades successfully.

A big drawback to most so called methods is the lack of good money management principles being taught. If you look at a system or method and there is not enough emphasis on risk management I think you should walk away and keep looking for a better one.

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You can spend many, many hours on fundamental analysis and courses that teach nothing but this will waste your time. if you don’t understand complex economic formulas they will just confuse you and it will be very hard to trade with this kind of information.

A system or method that just teaches Daytrading and requires you to spend day and night at your computer screen you can imagine how this would just apply pressure to react. This is unrealistic and if you were to day trade you must have the right training and method, most don’t offer this.

So then what is a “Good” trading method?

Based on Bill’s knowledge, methods, and systems he has over the years developed a four part method of measuring to determine if a trading method or system is any good at all.

First like above but opposite it must be complete so there is no guessing and nothing left to chance. You have to know how to enter, exit, protective stop, and of course how to enter with the right setup condition.

Any good system or method must come with ample teaching on risk management guidelines and they must be specific. Money management keeps you in the game so it is critical to have this taught correctly.

The system has to have technical analysis taught, however it should not be only mechanical and or automated TA must have some basics to the menthod.

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And the time spent on trading must be practical not unrealistic the trader should have a stress free environment some of the best systems only require 30 minutes or more a day to implement.

All the above steps to evaluating Forex trading methods should help you sort through all the junk out there and find the best ones to offer the most. Remember a complete method that shows you how to get in, get out, protect capital, and make profits are the ones you want to focus on, nothing else is worth your time.