Portfolio Prophet ETF Review

Portfolio Prophet ETF Review – System in Action

How do I know which ETFs to buy?

As you may do with stocks, there are a couple of broad choices to choose. First you determine what to buy with fundamental analysis. Another with technical analysis. Last is to leverage a system like Portfolio Prophet ETF Review with both analytical styles already programmed in to evaluate and provide guidance.

Fundamental analysis means you try to analyze economic factors, financial, competitive strengths and weaknesses, growth and more.  From this analysis pick the best ETFs to buy. This is extremely time consuming and frustrating.

A lot of fundamental approaches to investing in ETFs include a buy and hold.  Big problems as it gets hammered in a bear market and may take years to recover.

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Technical analysis means you are trying to analyze the action of the ETF share prices using charts, S/R levels, MAs, and more related indicators to determine trading entries. TA is based on the belief that all fundamentals are already in the price.

Most TA approaches involve trading a lot ETFs for a shorter time period rather than always being in the market fully invested. Challenges for technical analysts is to develop an edge when trading with these technical indicators and using uncommon trading tactics.

Either case the beauty of the Portfolio Prophet ETF Review that was created by Bill Poulos is that you no longer have to spend time evaluating which ETFs to invest in. Over 1,000 ETFs available in the market today, the Portfolio Prophet grabs the top 87 or what we call the “best of the best” ETFs for opportunities. The system watches the markets and lets you know when a tradable trend is active.

With the TA approach to trading you will find in this Portfolio Prophet ETF Review is the length of time to stay in a position?

Swing trading may be the best approach with ETF trading. Swing trading is basically any method of trade that lasts from a few days to a few weeks using daily charts. Position trading, is a method of trading whose trade duration lasts weeks to months. The next category would be investing, which is typically viewed as being in a position for months to years.

Swing trading’s name comes from putting on trades that try to capture swing moves from a swing low to a new swing high which marks end of new rally. Bear market is where the market makes a swing high to a new swing low which marks end of  new leg down.

Here is a few examples of swing trades that were identified using the Portfolio Prophet course and software. This ETF Review will give you some information before going to site.

Portfolio Prophet ETF Review The green arrows on the chart represent “buy” signals that our intuitive software recognized and alerted the trader to. The red    arrows are the “sell” indicators. These are examples in this etf review.

As you can see from the red circle, the portfolio management system kept you out of the market during a major downturn. Your money was safely tucked away in cash. At the bottom of the downturn, the system again recognized the emerging uptrend pattern and alerted you to “get back in” the market. This not only allowed the trader to increase his/her buying power when they got back into the market but it also allowed them to take in an unprecedented amount of profit during the bull rally.


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Here are a couple other trade examples that show how the Portfolio Prophet ETF Review of the software helped safeguard investments and offered only the “best of the best” opportunities for market re-entry.


Portfolio Prophet ETF Review

Portfolio Prophet ETF Review


Using strict risk control measures and indicators utilized in an uncommon way you will find Portfolio Prophet ETF Review is only going to offer you the absolute best, risk averse opportunities available. The portfolio prophet system is literally your own personal financial advisor.

Swing trading and the right methods and using Prophet Portfolio as one of your tools is the best way to trade ETFs here is why:

1. The greatest gain for time invested, meaning only end of day data is considered in making trading decisions and it is not necessary to sit in front of a computer all day long during market hours.
2. When you swing trade there is the opportunity to use your account dollars more efficiently. If it were possible to gain 10% in one trade lasting for 3 weeks, and then redeploying those same funds in the next trade opportunity, wouldn’t that be better than tying up those same funds for a 1 year trade that yielded 10%?

3. You can use much tighter stops than is possible for methods aimed at longer trade durations.

One of the most important aspects in trading is very important to have a simple but powerful risk management strategy. Not all trades are profitable, the nature of trading, and so you must have a strategy to exit each and every trade you enter into before you enter into the trade. The Portfolio Prophet ETF Review system provides these entry and exit points for you once an opportunity has been identified. There are several complex approaches to risk management (such as optimal-f), Simple is better because if you understand your risk management strategy, you will be far more inclined to follow it exactly. Risking no more than 2% of the trading account size per trade is a great strategy. Thank you for spending time reading our Portfolio Prophet ETF review.

If you had an account size of $20,000, you would not risk more than $400 on the next trade. Risk here means the amount you would lose if the trade goes against you. So that if you lost 3 in a row, your account would still be in fairly good shape at around $18,824 and if you won 3 in a row with a reward to risk ratio of 3 to 1, your account would be in great shape at around $23,820.

Great discipline to follow because when you have a losing trade, you would automatically risk fewer dollars on the next trade and only risk more dollars following a profitable trade. This is the reverse of what emotionally driven traders usually do and they lose consistently more often as a result and end up losing their entire account.

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Good Trading,

Bill Poulos,

About the Author: Bill Poulos has over 35 years of trading experience and is an investment educator with thousands of happy students from around the world and many success stories to his accolade. Established in 2001, he and his company have contributed much to development of the independent investor and trader within the Forex, Stocks and ETF markets. A retired automotive engineer, Bill holds a degree in industrial engineering and a master’s degree in Business Administration, with a major in finance, and has been involved in trading since the year 1974.

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